Thank you!

We are delighted to be partners in this effort with the Oxford Community Arts They work tirelessly to promote the arts and offer a permanent home for the arts in the Oxford community.

Artswave has again given a generous project grant to support the 2015 Oxford Kinetics Festival.  We are proud to have their support for our projects and so grateful to the many donors who give to Artswave each year.

Thanks to the Oxford Community Foundation for their generous grant in support of the 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015 festivals as they continue to strive to improve the quality of life in the Oxford community. 

The Miami University Family Fund (formerly the MU Parents Fund) has supported the programming at the festival that involves Miami students and the community generously for the past three years.  Thank you!

A quick shout-out and a big thank you to the Miami-Talawanda Partnership. Your support for the 2014 and 2015 festivals has been awesome!  

We are forever in the debt of the awesome folks at Wire and Twine for creating the graphics for the festival. We asked for ideas for a poster and got so much more, including our amazing t-shirts. Thanks for making us look so good, Tom.

We are excited to welcome Happen Inc. once again to the 2015 festival by bringing numerous fun, educational and creativity inspiring activities to Oxford for the day.  Happen brings so many of the wonderful activities we have for kids each year. You can learn more about their many exciting projects and see examples from past Toy Lab participants at and .

Thank you to Duke Energy Retail for their financial support of the 2011 festival. We appreciate their continued interest in our community.

A clumsily worded note of appreciation to Sean Krause for his copy writing gymnastics on our behalf. Fighting Words, Inc

Thank you to K’NEX for their donation to the 2011 festival. They generously supplied us with a large number of their Robo-Battlers and Moto-Bot sets, motorized sets that kids will be able to build and race at the

Thanks to the Butler County Rural Electric Cooperative Community Connections program for a grant in support of the making workshops that take place every Saturday in March leading up to the festival.  These workshops allow members of the community to get building and design help from artists, mechanics, and manufacturers.  Thanks for being there for the community BCREC!

We received a generous award from the Efroymson Family Fund for promotion of the 2014 festival.  Thank you for supporting cultural tourism in the midwest and the arts in Indiana and beyond!

Our deep thanks also go out to the city of Oxford for allowing us to use the Uptown parks in 2011 and for closing the street around the parks to enhance the safety and freedom of movement of the participants throughout the event, as well as closing a portion of High St. for the scramble.

In 2014 we received a project grant from the Ohio Arts Council.  This grant was made possible with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.  We are so thankful that such organizations exist to promote the arts in our communities and grateful for their support of the Oxford Kinetics Festival.