Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race

has a great "How to Build a Kinetic Sculpture" page
for getting started on your kinetic sculpture.

Their race is particularly aquatic so building
for the Oxford Kinetic Festival should
be a snap in comparison.

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The Da Vinci Days is Oregon's
premier arts and science festival!

Founded in 1988, Da Vinci Days is a "weekend summer festival that
features races of all kinds, art to create or admire, music and street
performers, hands-on activities that teach in a fun way, movies to watch,
speakers who inspire, and nerdy stuff for now and the future"

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"The Kinetic Grand Championship is a
3-day, 42-mile bicycle race over
land, sand, mud and water" 

Many refer to the Kinetic Grand Championship as the “Triathlon of the Art World.”

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We've compiled some inspirational images! 

(On the galleries, use the controls to browse through the strange and wonderful)

Oxford's Bicentennial Kinetic Sculpture Race (circa 2010)

The Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race

C.H.U.N.K. 666, "a bicycle club and civic betterment society based in Portland, Oregon, USA" (more images here)