Our 2016 poster by the always amazing Tom Duvall of Wire & Twine.

Our 2016 poster by the always amazing Tom Duvall of Wire & Twine.

IT's going to be AMAZING!


The Scramble is part parade, part race, part obstacle course and all fun. Participants will self-power their mobile creations along a course which circles and criss-crosses itself. You will also need to be able to pilot your contraption effectively enough to avoid other moving contraptions.

Who participates?  Anyone under the age of 18 or family teams. Entries range from pedal powered hovercrafts to your brother’s razor scooter decorated with water wings, from monster bicycles to giant puppets on stilts. Think welding, papier mache, face paint, foam rubber, cake and biscuits, rubber bands, and flubber. Go for it! Find registration information on the race page.

As always there will be a bike decorating station at the festival for last minute upgrades to your ride, but why not take advantage of the making workshops held in March and April to make a truly original entry.  Learn more on the workshop page.


For racers and kinetics artists 16 and over, The Dog's Breakfast!!  This is a scavenger hunt of a race sending you on a quest around the Millett grounds.  The Dog's Breakfast will begin at 12:30 on Sunday but you must pre-register on the race page. Sign-in starts at 12:00.


2016 will feature awesome workshops prior to the festival.  Check out the workshop page to see the selection and reserve you space soon.  

Luigi Bullooney's circus menagerie

Regional artist Jesse Mooney Bullock will perform his show, "Luigi Bullooney's Circus Menagerie" at this year's festival.  Jesse's work combines art and engineering and performance in a way that we love. Learn more about Jesse and his amazing hand-carved puppets at his website jessemooneybullock.com. Jesse will be available after the show to discuss his work.


Come check out all the awesome STEAM (STEM + Art), art, science, and just amazing activities going on throughout the day. There will be music, puppets, performances of all description.  Stilt bars, side show freaks, fender blenders and whirlygigs.

Happen Inc. will be on the scene with amazing toy ideas for you to create and enjoy.Try your hand at modifying and launching an air powered rocket made from re-purposed soda bottles.  See if you can get your rocket to go higher than your friends’. Try to wrap your brain around what Rube Goldberg is all about and use our stuff to build and explore nonsense contraptions for the day.

Explore some videos/photos from past events:

a celebration of people powered propulsion